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Clannad After Story Dub

Clannad After Story

Genres: drama, romance, slice of life
Plot Summary: Events in After Story take place immediately after the first season, following Tomoya’s final semester of high school. After declaring his love to Nagisa, they begin to have a close relationship. Their life together will be faced with unexpected challenges, as the truth behind the illusionary world and the city’s legend come to light.

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7 Responses to “Clannad After Story”

  1. kate b says:

    I loved watching this it made me cry a lot but it also make me smile a lot. Fans of inuyasha will love not only to love story in it but all of the many story you find in it.

  2. chris says:

    first off, lemme say that im a dude that doesnt not cry like AT ALL. but after watching this… i cried lol. most heartwarming/traumatizing series i have ever watched. You really get attached to the characters in the first season and then you see them move on with their lives is just so, heartwarming. It really impacts you and teaches you about life, basically. It’s just a great omg :’(

  3. Jon says:

    I accidentally watched this series before I watch Clannad so I kinda messed up… (I watched this on Netflix which doesn’t have Clannad!) Anyways, SUPER great series that made me cry at the end… Couldn’t believe that she died, then ended up not dieing…

  4. Irene says:

    I mean a great anime and all. :) But I mean whats up with Negisa first dying then ends up not dead.. I mean the anime was great and so realistic and showed what’s important in life and all but then he just went back in time and she survives. I feel like it took the deepness that the anime had before.. But okay.
    And what the fell is with this added stories whit Tomoya with other girls. I mean. Why is that needed. It just ruined the end of this season… Should just end with Tomoya+Negisa story..

  5. james f says:

    this was the best and most touching anime series i have ever seen beside future diary it is heartwarming and ruined my life for cupple days because of the bond they gave me i never cry and this just made me cry like a 3 year old i loved it

  6. Brandon andersen says:

    i really loved the series but it after end series never playable link doesn;t take me to show.

  7. Parker Laws Baker says:

    This was my second time watching this anime and it made me cry more that the first time because I knew what kind of hardships they were going to go through, but overall this is one of the best animesi have ever watched and the only one that can kinda compare is angle beats, this anime was what got me hooked on anime, 10 out of 10 I cri erry tim

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